Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life is busy!

I've thought about writing so many times this week but it seems it has just flown by!  Between trying to run every other day and school and the kids, I can't just sit and write much. 

One morning we decided to have muffins for breakfast and I happened to have a package of Martha White banana nut mix.  It's been a long time since I used mixes because I am wholly convinced homemade items always taste better, but life has gotten even busier so we've started using them again.  This batch turned out just awful.  I don't know if the mix was molded or what happened but I know it wasn't on my end.  According to the directions, you add milk, stir it up and bake.  Hard to mess that up!  The milk wasn't bad either!  I checked.  The flavor was so chemical like tasting that the girls wouldn't even finish one, which is very unlike my baked good addicts!  Then we tried the MW blueberry mix.  It was tastier but still, sugar was the only flavor.  There's no actual fruit of any kind in it.  At least Jiffy has dehydrated apples that are dyed blue!

We also went to Mardel's this week because of their free lamination promotion.  Usually, I buy clear shelf liner contact paper to laminate our items.  The final product wasn't as thick as we're used to, but it was SO much easier!!!  And their normal price is 25 cents/foot.  That is both sides, not per side.  You just stick your papers in a roller one at a time and it presses it through on the other side into a long stream of clear wrap and you're done.  I will never laminate myself again if I can help it.  Cutting it out took a while but I would have to do that either way.

As for running this week?  I ran once.  Ugh.  I'm about to run again here in a minute.  I'm dreading it in a way since I know I haven't kept it up like I should.  So I should be on week 5 but I'm just starting week 4 now.  I'm only up to a 12 minute stretch at a time.  I have a long way to go, but I am so looking forward to being able to run that long that the anticipation keeps me, mostly, motivated.

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