Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Twilight Zone

Today was one of those weird days when you've seemingly stepped into the twilight zone. Actually, this week... Things seem like they are heading toward a less stressful season of our lives, but we aren't there yet.

From the moment dear 1 got up today, she was on a tirade. And all her pathetic subjects were at her disposal. Look out! And despite two days of no napping, dears 2 and 3 would not let dear 4 have a nap or let us have one quiet minute until we finally declared "We are going to bed!"

Now I'm sitting in the only lit place in the house...a dark hallway lit by the bathroom light so I can a few minutes of quiet before passing out for the night! I'm starting a journal; something I have felt necessary to do all of a sudden this year and I think maybe it has nothing to do with this new year but rather this new season of our life. I've never been good at keeping a journal. (Hence my blog history...spotty.). I'm good at picking out journals, planning journals and sometimes starting journals...keeping them...not so much. Maybe this is a new me...a new state, new town, new friends, new schools. Agh! I need a new pen.

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